Reason to Exhibit

The Unique RFID/IOT- Focused Show in Indonesia.

Showcasing the Complete Industry Chain.

Increase Your Influence in ASEAN and Get Brand Exposure.

Supported by Authoritative RFID/IOT Organizations and Alliances.

Benefit from the Powerful Media Links.

10,000 Professionals are expected to attend


Smart Card/RFID and sensing product developers/related software developers/Agents/Service

providers and OEM producers;

Intelligent Industry:

Automobile/Textile/Appliance/Machinery/Shipbuilding/ Coal/Steel and other IOT implementing;

Logistics and Manufactory:

Transport management/Logistics management/ Manufacture management/Library management

Medical and Food:

Medical Instruments management/Medicine and drug management/Plasma management/Food

Safety management;

Security and Safety:

Alcohol and cigarette security/Management of mineral safety/Electrical safety management/Chemical

safety management

Public Service:

Communication/Finance/Social insurance/Public security/Urban and rural construction/Railway/

Transport/Aviation/Maritime/Transportation/Radio and television/Postal services/Cultural and

creative/Entertainment and leisure

Indonesia has a massive market potential for M2M/IoT considering that we’re the world’s 4th

largest population of 253 million and there are 297 million mobile subscriber. Looking at the

several industries in Indonesia, by 2030, the automotive sector is estimated to have 46 million

vehicles on the street, the utility sector will provide more than 83 million homes for around

300 million population, and in the finance sector, 4.8 million small medium enterprise

(SMEs) will be expected to contribute to economic growth.

Nowadays, for most business in Indonesia, cloud services have emerged as the main IT strategy

especially for SMEs. Government’s most recent data shows that 70 percent of 57 million of

Indonesia SMEs do not use IT solutions. The cloud computing market in Indonesia is expected to

grow to more than US$ 120 million in 2017 and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will be the

popular choice of Indonesian.