Exhibitors in 2017


Satisfaction rate from visitors


Satisfaction rate from exhibitors

Trade visitors from 17 countries


Much effort has been put to ensure the continual success of INTERNET OF THINGS EXPO 2018. 

Krista Exhibitions has never let exhibitors down with the extensive media and publication efforts to bring targeted trade visitors to the show. 

Our programs include :

Advertising campaigns : 

In targeted trade journals (local & overseas) and regional newspaper

Show brochure :

Mailed to extensive, thoroughly researched based exhibitors

Exhibit Exposure Publicity :

Mailed to trade visitors

Specially designed Invitation Cards :

Mailed to targeted trade visitors

Electronic Media : 

Television broadcasting, radio, telephone campaigns

Other Printing Media & Promotion Materials :

Such as banners, posters, stickers etc…

POSTSHOW REPORT OF 2017 indicates

High Satisfaction Rate from Exhibitors and High Quality Trade Visitors

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